Packaging is probably the most important part of relocation, paying careful attention to protecting your belongings ensures a trouble stress free move.

We can be trusted to take care of your goods as though they were our own. We are a well versed and experienced company. Our customers have trusted us to move antiques, valuables and confidential papers internationally and domestically. Our packing service covers everything from stationary, to glass lamps, to computers.

The traditional look of a removal team packing items into tea chests in history.

The most recent moving cartons can be methodically packed to reduce space and therefore saving transportation and costs. The Cartons are designed to be easy to manage, secure and safe. A for more efficient system than earlier facilities.

We agree exactly what is to be packed so that you are happy with the arrangements and to ensure clarity. This can be every last thing, to just the glass and china.

If packing glass and china you may feel more comfortable laying it out for us on a suitable surface like a dining table. We can arrive to pack items the day before or on the day of the move depending on your desired time scale.

Different types of boxes are used for different jobs. Books are packed into smaller boxes as these are often the heaviest items to be packed and will keep the overall weight down. General items are packed into standard modular containers about the size of a tea chest. In some cases larger boxes may be suitable for storing linen and garments as these are lighter items.

Hanging garment carriers are used to hand clothes into and act as portable wardrobes. During the consultation we will discuss such requirements with you. Very often you do not know that such an item is required until the day. We are experienced at foreseeing requirements and are flexible enough to make last minute arrangements.

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